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The truth about yoga pants

Okay, so everyone knows I am obsessed with yoga pants, aka active wear. It's just a part of my identity. I blame it on the 10 years of corporate when I wore suits and slacks daily. I mean - it was Banana Republic but still, cut this girl a break. Let's get back to what's important here, yoga pants. There are some unwritten rules that every person needs to know:

1. Put a pair of NON-stretch jeans on once a week. Heck, even if they stretch and that's all you got, put them on. One of the best parts of yoga pants is that you look good no matter what. That's the problem! If 5 pounds decides to suddenly "appear" (you like that?!) it ends up being 10 then the "Freshman 15" because yoga pants fu*king stretch. Jeans keep your ass in check. I need this reality check.

2. Wear a thong or nothing. Do not wear regular underwear, cheeky cuteness, nothing like that. Oh and no granny panties, please. Lines are NOT okay. It's just not right, okay?

3. Transparency and camel toes - no to both. Enough said. P.S. I would even have a friend - the kind that will tell you the truth even if it hurts, check them out.

4. Wear the right size. No joke. One time I thought I could wear a size smaller than normal and about died. Seriously. Circulation was being cut off. But for real, your true size is best.

5. You can wear them from the gym to appointments, looking fly. Well it depends on what you pair them with, but they are VERY versatile. You can wear them literally everywhere! Yes, I get asked if I own normal clothes and the truth is i'm not sure at this point.

6. I've bought cheap ones and i've bought expensive ones. Just know whatever route you choose, once they start wearing out, they need replaced. Don't try to push them past a certain point. Trust me, I would know and it's not pretty.

7. They go perfectly with Scandal and a glass of wine. Need I say more?

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