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solo glow | 1:1 coaching



Women come to me because they are ready to start living. They are ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. To be Free, Fearless and Heal.  This is a no diet, treadmill, or quick fix zone especially when it comes to a positive mindset. No cookie cutter plans. This is the REAL deal that will allow you to create and maintain what we will build together.


I can tell you first hand, it is possible to live a life that not only aligns with you, but frees you of insecurities, heals you from toxic relationships, creates a new found confidence that glows within you and that you can create your own brand of happiness. 


AS YOUR HEALTH  + WELLNESS Practitioner and Personal Trainer I provide a full life approach to achieving balanced health, wellness and happiness. Together we will look at nutrition, physical activity, relationship satisfaction, career, and spirituality to help bring all facets of life into equilibrium. Since your personal needs are as unique as your thumbprint, I provide personalized care plans to support you in reaching your specific goals. 


My coaching is designed to help transform your health + mindset + (thoughts and self worth) and digging deep down to release the inner you that is waiting to be shown and to shine. 

My word to you is that I will be fully present, there for you, energy aligned and give you my all. It's the reason I only take a certain amount of clients per month. You are my priority. While certifications and education is great and I can provide that, I have a lifetime of living and surviving this level of "stuff".  All I ask is that you do the same, be ALL in. Show up, commit and be consistent. This is your journey that I am honored to be a part of but like life and relationships, what you put in is what you get out of it. I am ready to bring this high vibration level of coaching to you! 


1 60-Minute Private Life + Health Coaching + Positive Mindset Session 

During our coaching time together, we will work on shedding those extra pounds, get glowing, restore yourself and learn lasting health and wellness lifestyle changes for you that actually work. You will be letting go of all that hasn't served you. You will release stress + anxiety, build confidence and take control of your life. Get a deep sense of worth of yourself and your life with this program. Get to root causes of emotional eating, possible hormone imbalances, body image and confidence. You will learn how to love, care and be enough for yourself. Learn how to live + love again after abuse or another traumatic event. Prepare to step into your new future, the new you.

Your coaching program also includes mindset shifting. If you are feeling like everything is all over the place, not satisfied with your life, no direction and really want clarity on what will make you happy, thrive and feel joy, then this will compete your transformational journey. Through the tools I will teach and guide you through, you will know what it's like to wake up refreshed, with intention, living intentionally and happily.  

You will develop healthy routines so that you can live balanced, positive, motivated, calm, driven and ready to go after your dreams. Picture this in mind: it's like you're grabbing coffee with your friend for life, who has your back with no judgement, talking about what is on your mind and what you need. I provide love and light while intentionally listening while offering insight, inspiration, encouragement and of course, laughs when needed. 


Individual session $197.50

6 month commitment: $2199

1 30-Minute Life + Health Coaching Breakthrough Session  

Do you feel stuck and not sure what direction to go with your life? Find yourself doing fad diets that never work? Are you repeating behaviors that you have been dealing with for years? I believe that ONE phone call, meeting that special person you can connect with can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. In this single 30 minute 1:1 session we will identify together what is holding you back, face any fears, change the way you look at things and create a vision with action steps to get you closer to your dream life. Available by phone, zoom or locally in Wasilla, AK. 


Individual session $98

How long are the coaching programs?

I coach individual sessions as well as 6-month increments to ensure the best for my clients. 

What about the investment?

It can be scary, overwhelming and unsettling to spend money and at this level on something let alone for yourself. Just know you are worth having the long-lasting results a life should have physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Where does this take place? 

Coaching takes place in person in Wasilla, AK OR online/virtual over phone/zoom. In your sweatpants - woo woo! 

Bonus Sesh: Upon completing your committed coaching, you get a bonus 40 minute session to use anytime within 6 months to refresh and re-align. 

Peace out to the OLD you, the NEW you is here, HAPPY and CONFIDENT. 

Are you wanting real results? Craving a courageous, intutive and generous plan for how you can get there?

"It's not over until you WIN. It's when you have depleted all your resources that you got nothing left - that's when it's SHOW TIME. You want this as bad as you want to breath, that's when you find a way." 

"begin with one step, an emotional step that begins in the heart. self love is unique as every individual. for me it isnt becoming obsessed with myself or valuing myself above others. it began by being grateful for even small things. i started a grateful journal when i got really really sick. i sat in my safe warm cabin in gakona, to sick to hunt, to sick to even walk down the driveway and enjoy the sunshine. so i opened a notebook and began to write what im grateful for. the pages filled up. once i made the change mentally to get better, things physically began to change. i decided to try this program because when the mind and body are in harmony, mountains can be climbed. ive been through a lot and continue to face challenges. this program is helping me with positive alternatives. I am learning to see people for who they are and its been tough walking away from some connections, I’ve learned to value myself and most importantly: respect myself. this program isn’t just about weight loss." -Katherine Lee, Alaska

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