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Just a small town girl from the woods

I grew up in Alaska (you can see me on Railroad Alaska Season 2) spending a good chunk of time traveling by four-wheeler and snow machine in below zero weather (sometimes 60 below). I grew up in a solar house, hauled water and lived off the land.


I've been in abusive + toxic relationships my entire life including the most important one - the relationship with myself. 


I would look at magazines; have pictures plastered on my wall, dreaming of what everyone wants - a toned tummy, to not have to cover up with sweaters, eat whatever I wanted and still look and feel fabulous.

The first to snag the newest diet book or trend, I was always worrying about what I was eating, always trying to control it.  Secretly at night, I would binge eat on whatever I could find.  


I was miserable, unhappy and let's be honest - I was depressed. 


I spent years learning about nutrition, healing, practicing yoga and more importantly, learned to love myself. I am talkin' real love. To be okay with being alone, looking in the mirror and really loving + accepting what I saw. To be my own best friend and to have a BLAST with MYSELF. 


Throughout this journey called life I started college a dozen times to eventually finish and graduate with a Bachelors (and be the first in my family - wahoo). I spent several years working in the financial industry in the corporate world where I was highly successful and broke records. I had transformed my health and everything seemed perfect on paper and yet I was still miserable.


I knew I was meant for something big. I have felt it since I was a child. So I decided to quit my corporate toxic job and be true to my calling and myself.  I have lived a life of EVERY type of abuse, serious medical & health issues, weight + hormone problems, confidence issues, emotional eating and have OVERCOME + SURVIVED every single one of them. I am a SURVIVOR and PROUD. I share this to show others that life happens, just because certain things happen it does not mean you are destined for that life. I am living proof that it is possible!


After becoming a Board Certified Holistic Health + Wellness Practitioner and working with clients 1:1, I realized I wanted to reach more people. I wanted to help people worldwide and as a side bonus, make money in my sleep. Through working in Corporate and then coaching 1:1 clients something remained consistent and that was I wasn't making money unless I showed up. I wanted to be able to be anywhere in the world, help people, create my own schedule and again, make money in my sleep. And that's exactly what I did. 


I found the power of essential oils and spent a year helping my body feel better with essential oils and products. It changed my life completely in every way. I now help others do the same globally and it has brought me a tremendous amount of happiness. I work with a very large team spread all across the world and this is my dream come true.


As a Personal Trainer + Board Certified Health & Wellness Practitioner & my entire life experience, my mission is to help others heal and love life naturally. 


I am here to love + nurture + listen + help heal you. 


At the Institute For Integrative Nutrition I learned every diet and dietary theory you have ever heard of. I'm pretty much like Dr. Oz. Well okay, not quite- but I do know what works and what doesn't :) I am also an IIN Ambassador.


Aromatouch Technique Certification by my chosen Essential Oil Company 


Through AADP - The American Association of Drugless Practitioners I am Board Certified. I am pretty sure this means I am legit. 


I've got a snazzy Bachelors Degree that has benefited me in managing stressfull situations and coaching others with business.


I'm also CPR Certified and Certified in Life and Health Insurance with the State of Alaska. 


Certified as a Personal Trainer, I'm like a ninja. I will help transform your body and you will be in the best shape of your life! Buns of steel anyone?


I knew I was meant to do this. My life experience has taught me more than all the above certificates, degree and memberships. I only recommend things I believe in that I have done and know works. Equipped with killer skills, I help people heal naturally with essential oils and find that Glow Factor!

Glow from the inside out. 

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