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Grow your hair with Essential Oils!

Sounds crazy, I know. Hair growing faster because of essential oils? Yes. It's true!

I have had a history of scalp issues such as dryness, discomfort, you name it and i've had it. I've tried every shampoo, conditioner, treatment on the market and nothing worked. Then it would seem my hair would get to a certain point then it would be stuck. It wouldn't grow!

Fast forward to now and I get people stopping me asking what I do for my hair. I do get highlights (that I can't give up!) but I have helped my scalp problems and i'm much happier. Did I mention it has a healthy shine to it?

Here's some of my secrets...

1. Shampoo and conditioner. You have to have a quality combo in this area. Something that's really benefiting you, your scalp and hair. Remember, what you put on your skin goes directly into your bloodstream.

2. Add Lavender and Rosemary Essential oil to your shampoo. Yes, seriously. The Lavender has wonderful therapeutic beenfits such as relaxation, calms + soothes the mind & body, soothes skin irritations & helps skin recover quickly and helps with stress (bonus!). Rosemary also enhances mental clarity.

3. Make your own hair masks! I often make hair masks using coconut oil, lavender and rosemary essential oil, fresh avocado, etc. Be creative :)

Have any questions? Want to get some of your own essential oils or know the brand I recommend? Let's talk! Connect here or shoot me an e-mail:

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