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Humidifier vs Vaporizer vs Diffuser

I get this question all the time and figured it would be perfect to blog about it! Let's talk the differences between a Humidifier, Vaporizer and a Diffuser.

A Humidifier is used for keeping a room's atmosphere moist and not so dry. It's great to have to help prevent dryness especially for parts of your body that frequently are dry during Winter or other seasons. Most humidifiers are not built for using essential oils, and over time they can damage plastic components. I recommend not using a humidifier with essential oils and it's not my number one device to have.

A Vaporizer generates a particular substance in the form of vapor, especially medicinal inhalation. A vaporizer works by heating water until it turns into hot steam. I personally make my own vaporizer by bringing a pot of water to a boil, add 1-3 drops of essential oil, placing a towel over my head and inhaling the steam.

Lastly, my favorite is A Diffuser. The varieties of diffusers vary such as amp rings, electric-powered, ceramic or reed diffusers. An electric powered diffuser works much like a cool air humidifier, except they are specially made for using with essential oils. (This is what I suggest in using) Diffusers are designed to disperse a micro-fine vapor into the air allowing them to be suspended into the air for an extended period of time. Some like to burn candles or burn oils in warmers but I prefer (and it's a lot safer) in maintainig the integrity of the oil and using a diffuser.

Diffusers are an extremely easy and effective way of giving an aroma to a room (this is how I got my boyfriend hooked to essentail oils!), but the benefits are endless.

  • Helps cleanse the air you are breathing.

  • Helps relax the mind and body; relieves tension and anxiety feelings

  • Aids with grief management, emotional issues or a recent loss

  • Improves concentration, alertness and mental clarity, ADHD, among others.

  • Helps control mental and physical fatigue

  • Entertains my neices and nephews, knocks them out at night. Winning! haha.

I hope this helped in narrowing down the differences and what you are looking for. Want to know more about essential oils? Head on over here.

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