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Stress + Energy Rollerballs

I am always looking for ways to incorporate essential oils in my life. I've had an issue with stress (i've wrote other blogs on this) and lack of energy in the past so anything that helps I am down for trying.

Stress Blend: is serenity, balance, elevation, ylang ylang + citrus bliss.

Below you will find what each of the essential oils are great for.

Serenity: lessens tensions, calms emotions, promotes relaxation, aromatic experience.

Balance: promotes whole-body relaxation, soothes muscles and joints, evokes feelings of balance and tranquility.

Elevation: elevates mood, increases vitality, energizing + refreshing aroma

Ylang Ylang: helps balance hormones, promotes healthy skin + hair, lifts mood while having calm effect.

Citrus Bliss: cleanses + purifies the air, helps reduce stress + anxiety, positively affects mood with energixing and refreshing properties, smells AMAZING.

Energy Blend: lemon, balance, basil, lime, elevation, grapefruit + rosemary.

Below you will find what each of the essential oils are great for.

Lemon: great for cleansing + purifying + detoxing, cleaning, uplifting, naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, supports healthy respiratory function, promotes positive mood and cognitive funtion.

Basil: calms nervous system, improves circulation, great for diabetes, headaches, muscle cramps/spasms, arthritic pain.

Lime: muscle cramps, cleaning, cold and flu, stress, relief.

Grapefruit: depression, skin conditions, weightloss, cold and flu and even constipation.

Rosemary: calming + stress relief, arthritic pain, asthma, stimulating the mind, enhancing mental clarity, treating skin disorders, stimulating healthy hair growth.


Making a rollerball is SUPER easy. You can't mess up. Use about 10-15 drops of each essential oil - more or less depending on which one you are partial to. Then fill the rollerball up with fractionated coconut oil. Bam! There you go. Get rollin! :)

I travel with these alot also and they are ALWAYS a hit. What are some of your favorite blends? What did you think of the above recipes? I would love to hear from you!

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