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Self Love + Steps to Being Confident

It took me a long time to not only feel confident but to BE confident. It didn’t come naturally and I wasn’t born this way.

From being tormented as a young women who didn’t mature as quickly as others, to feeling not good enough and not liking myself, I eventually got to a place of loving myself but it took time. Here are the steps I took that worked for me.

  1. Fake it until you make it

We are our own worst critics so when we hear something about ourselves that is negative, we generally believe it. I didn’t honestly think that faking it would work but I figured I already didn’t like myself, what more did I have to lose? Every time I looked at myself, was out in public, at work – anything – I told myself how fabulous and beautiful I was. I still do the same today. We are going to have those moments where we aren’t 100% happy with ourselves but instead of focusing on the negative parts, focus on what you do love. Eventually, you will be in a happier place, have more self-respect and know you are worth it.

  1. You are who your friends are.

Ever notice how your attitude and how you act changes depending on whom you are around? Your friends and the people you surround yourself with influence your life in a huge way. To really live the life you want and dream of, it’s imperative you are selective when it comes to who is in your inner circle. For example, it took me a long time to remove toxic individuals that were weighing me down. Once I did that and kept only positive people in my life, I became happier. I didn’t dread seeing someone, my day wasn’t ruined and I didn’t eat bad food!

  1. Be selfish.

This one is huge. We focus so much of our time trying to be there for others. Being a wonderful wife, mother, friend, girlfriend, etc. It’s great to focus your time and energy on that but what about you? You don’t want to lose or forget yourself in the process. We can tend to feel guilty when doing something for ourselves. Remove that thought and focus on how you being happy – doing something for yourself – will make you better to be around and able to provide for your loved ones.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

It’s easy to watch your favorite show and think of how you wished you looked like so & so, or how she has perfect hair, or her life seems perfect. Heck, you don’t have to watch TV to feel this way. First thing is to know that no ones life is perfect. Be critical of what media is saying, most of the time it’s not true! Know that you are unique and special!

  1. Food + Exercise + The Investment

You thought this was coming, I know. The two words most of us dread. While this may seem like a given, most of America is still struggling with this. I honestly had no idea how to eat healthy and even though I’ve been active most my life, I still struggled with health issues and excess weight. Obviously, I wasn’t doing something right.

The biggest thing I see people do is not seeing themselves and their relationship with food + exercise as an investment and a priority. We all have the stress of bills, kids and endless expenses that always come up every month. The thought of trying to eat healthy and work out seems to be put on the back burner until the next month and then it never happens.

See yourself as the best investment. If you are eating right, working out, you feel good, have less stress, everything else will fall into place. It is absolutely worth it to find a coach and work with someone. A coach can help you find balance in all areas of your life, where to start and how to even save money!

Ask yourself these questions: What is stopping you from getting what you want? What is the impact of not having what you want? What would that new YOU look like?

What are you willing to do to make this possible for yourself?

As always, I am available to talk for Free! Contact me for a consultation today!

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