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I have had the worst digestive issues, bladder + kidney infections for a large part of my life. I never knew why and was tired of living in constant pain.

I first found out about probiotics and the benefits from Kimberly Snyder’s first book The Beauty Detox Solution. This btw on a side note is a beautiful and fantastic read I recommend. Anyways, my quest in finding ways to helping all my pain stopped as soon as I found what probiotics were and how they could help me.

Probiotics are live, naturally occurring microorganisms that function internally to promote healthy digestion and beneficial bacteria, boost your immune system and general health. As adults, we have around four hundred different species and strains of friendly bacteria in our digestive tract.

It’s common to have an imbalance of unfriendly bacteria in our system. This can be caused by excessive antibiotic consumption, artificial foods + sugars, among other things.

Positives that come from consuming probiotics: Lower cholesterol, helps eliminate constipation and diarrhea, protection against bladder + yeast infections, candida overgrowth, and protection against harmful bacteria + viruses, improve resistance to allergies, increase energy among tons of other benefits!

Probiotics have truly saved my life. All of my issues have been healed and I am not sick every month(knock on wood) anymore!

To learn more about probiotics, what to look for, the ways to consume them, and beautiful handouts + tips, register now for the 60 Day Grain Free Program!

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