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solo glow | 1:1 coaching


Women come to me because they are ready to start living. They are ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen. To be Free, Fearless and Heal.  This is a no diet and treadmill zone. No cookie cutter plans. This is the REAL deal. 


I can tell you first hand, it is possible to live a life that not only aligns with you, but frees you of insecurities, heals you from toxic relationships, creates a new found confidence that glows within you and that you can create your own brand of happiness. 


AS YOUR HEALTH  + WELLNESS Practitioner and Personal Trainer I provide a full life approach to achieving balanced health, wellness and happiness. Together we will look at nutrition, physical activity, relationship satisfaction, career, and spirituality to help bring all facets of life into equilibrium. Since your personal needs are as unique as your thumbprint, I provide personalized care plans to support you in reaching your specific goals.



Visualize the NEW you. What do you see? 

This is about you. a beautiful life where you are truly free. 

I'm Ashley. Just a small town girl living her dreams by helping others heal naturally and holistically with Essential Oils. Want to do the same? I can help!





These programs below do not include surviving on lettuce, devoting half your day to the treadmill, keeping track of calories, or ditching fun dinners with friends. Best part? We work together while you are at home in your yoga pants. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!




In this program, you will shed your past, those pesky pounds, get glowing, restore yourself and learn lasting health and wellness lifestyle changes for you that actually work. You will be letting go of all that hasn't served you. You will release stress + anxiety, build confidence and take control of your life. Get a deep sense of worth of yourself and your life with this program. Get to root causes of emotional eating, possible hormone imbalances, body image and confidence. You will learn how to love, care and be enough for yourself. Learn how to live + love again after abuse or another traumatic event. Prepare to step into your new future, the new you.


  • Two 55 minute coaching sessions a month

  • Ditch the diets and fads from your life for good

  • Create and expose an easily executed map of what what you need + desire and hope for in all areas of your life

  • Receive a set of goals that kick ass and keep you inspired

  • Structured Nutritional/Workout plan's to fit your lifestyle

  • Access to kickass recipes, bomb handouts, special resources, samples, books and more

  • Tips + guidance + support on overcoming and healing from traumatic events in your life 

  • Accountability tools to stay on track 

  • Map out how to move on from the old you, your past relationships and focus on the NEW you.

  • Access Unlimited: 24/7 email + text Support

  • doTERRA Essential Oils + Surprise Gifts 


Reserve your spot now as space is limited. This program is virtual (phone and/or Skype). If you live in Alaska other arrangements can be made. Get started here.


Are you wanting real results? Craving a courageous, intutive and generous plan for how you can get there?

"Ashley oozes this spirit of inner beauty, fun and women empowerment!  She has a way of connecting with me and inspiring me on a new level I've never experienced before.  I am beyond grateful for each and ever conversation I've had with her.  She is my role model when it comes to confidence, ambition, drive and determination!  I've grown so much since working with her.  Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by working with Ashley too!"

-Angela Kristiansen, Certified Health + Wellness Coach

Peace out to the OLD you, the NEW you is here, HAPPY and CONFIDENT. 


Do you feel stuck and not sure what direction to go with your life? Find yourself doing fad diets that never work? Are you repeating behaviors that you have been dealing with for years? I believe that ONE phone call, meeting that special person you can connect with can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. In this single 50 minute 1:1 session we will identify together what is holding you back, face any fears, change the way you look at things and then the things you look at will change.



Schedule Your Session now

"It's not over until you WIN. It's when you have depleted all your resources that you got nothing left - that's when it's SHOW TIME. You want this as bad as you want to breath, that's when you find a way." 

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