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grain free + happy 

Ever since I was a little girl I have had stomach issues. My parent's didn't even know what was wrong with me, they just figured I would grow out of it or I was just being a kid. Ey...wrong. I have dealt with my fair share of health problems and this was one instance where it didn't matter who I saw to try to help me, the problem was still there. 


Can you relate?


From aches, bloating and nothing working I knew I had to do something. I started experimenting with the food I was eating. I figured, what harm could it do? I was already in pain so I knew I had to try something. 


After Day 1 of going Grain Free I felt relief. I literally just sat down and thought about how long I have lived with this and it really came down to what I was putting in my mouth. My food. 


It was almost as if a cloudy day had suddenly turned beautiful with the sun shining right on me. 


The type of day where all you want to do is lay in the sun with a glass of sweet tea. The type of day where new memories are created from playing badmitton in the backyard having a barbeque with the family. 


Know what i'm sayin'? 


Now it is your turn to love life and live it the way you were meant to. Pain free. Bloat free. Worry free. 


Knowing you are giving your body the best care and love it deserves. 

Looking to see if this is the right fit for you? If you have aches, pains, extra weight you wish would vanish, bloating, auto-immune diseases or issues, feel like "blah" or just want to completely transform your entire mind, body & soul = you have found IT. 


After 60 days you will have found a new renewed YOU. Allowing yourself to live the life you have always wanted, free from stress and just being happy. 4 Sessions with your favorite health & wellness coach, this program and all of your being and you will have uncovered all the possibilities that are possible. Trust yourself, this process, remove the fear and jump in! You have the best part of your life just ahead. 



What's Included?


» a 70+ page e-book with exercises, info, and more.

» that same 70 page book in print, delivered to your mailbox.

» 4 1:1 sessions with Yours Truly, a Health & Wellness Practitioner.

» 6 weeks of planned meals + shopping lists.

» access to the private facebook community.

» an Ayurvedic Dosha analysis + specific recommendations.

» lifetime email + support + endless love. 




Why going Grain Free is good for you?


The nutrients found in grains, can be found in other high better quality healthy foods. Your gut and grains don't play well together - having an unhappy gut means you aren't able to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat, which makes you more prone to disease and leaves your body malnourished. There is a good chance you are gluten intolerant - about 1% of the population has a form of gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease. 


Gluten causes inflammation - the more refined the grain is, the more inflammatory it is. Chronic inflammation can be linked to degenerative and modern diseases to include: arthritis, allergies, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, bone loss, emotional imbalances and even cancer.


Eating grains makes you want more grains. They are sneaky! Grain breaks down to sugar increasing your insulin levels and once those levils begin to fall you start to crave grains again. 


Is it expensive to do this?


It's all about finding and knowing where to shop. You can do this and have it be affordable, I do! Try shopping local and while I don't require you to purchase organic, I recommend it if you can afford to. Your body deserves the best care!  


Will I lose weight?


Results vary on each person but most of my clients have not only lost weight but have reduced belly bloat, headaches and nausea has completely went away! 


How do I start?


Now available as an individial program! Get started now!

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