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I am a product fanatic. I like high quality and I love getting a great deal. I'm sure you can relate! I get asked ALL the time where to find certain products. Below are my favorite products and where you can find them.  I prefer using Amazon and I love it. Wondering about a product you don't see? Contact me! 

I love doTERRA and I love diffusing. Let's be honest though, some of the diffusers are pricy. I'd rather spend my money on the oils and get an affordable diffuser. Plus, my neices and nephew are fanscinated by them and like to mess with them. You know how kids are ;) Click the picture and it will take you to the different color options and prices. 

Working out is one of my passions especially working the lower body. These booty bands are a must have to tone your legs and booty. You can purchase them or you can get them for Free this month with a few other goodies when you are in the Look Good Naked program. 

This is by far one of the hardest DVD workouts I have done. It's also one of the best. You will get results - serious results!

A good quality protein powder with no fillers, dairy or crap is hard to find. Plus it has to pack a serious punch with the grams of protein per scoop. Sunwarrior is my go to fave!

Note: These links are affiliate links. You absolutely do not have to use these links. I only recommend products that I have personally tested and love. The small percentage I receive from you using the affiliate link helps with my website costs. I appreciate it :)

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