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Cleanse + Restore Program


I don't know about you but I am SO over Winter and ready for SUMMER. ​


Winters are long here in Alaska and no matter where you are at our bodies tend to get trapped with toxins. We eat heavier foods, less sunlight and we've been clocking in some serious time on the couch watching TV. Our mood suffers, we feel sluggish and need something to boost ourselves to get ready for Spring and really enjoy Summer. Sound familiar? ​


This is the perfect time to shake it all up and i've got the perfect tools to help you do that.

The SNE (Strength, Nourish + Evolve) team and I are launching a new Cleanse and Restore Program with new products specially designed to help you bump up your energy, get better sleep and have your body functioning they way it is supposed to. You’ll get everything you need to do a super gentle detox and cleanse and get into a new way of nourishing your body to look and feel your best.


  • 7 days of email support with ME guiding your through the program and making it super simple for you. Remember, I’ll be doing the program WITH you!

  • Exclusive shopping lists, tips, tricks, recipes and tools. These are priceless resources and you’ll have them forever.

  • Access to my nutrition forum for all the support you need. Got a question? Boom – Get an answer.

  • Products specially designed to amplify the detox process and have you feeling AMAZING. 30 day supply.


The products in this new program are simply amazing and that’s the part I’m most excited about. They are each specially designed to reduce inflammation and naturally support a lifetime of looking, feeling and living younger and longer! These gems will give you night-and-day results. 


Included in this Spring Cleanse and Restore Program:


  • Cleanse and Restore Kit to super charge your detox, repair your gut and boost your energy

  • Zendocrine Detoxification Complex has 14 active whole-food extracts to get your liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin, your body’s defense system, functioning the right way

  • Terrazyme Complex has a propitiatory blend of whole-food enzymes that will sort out your metabolism and help your body process protein, fat, sugar, and carbs efficiently


This amazing lineup of products, coupled with the coaching and nutrition support from me and in my private forum, will have give you all you what you need to start experiencing what real health and vitality look like.


Think about that for a second.


When was the last time you woke up completely rested with more energy than you knew was possible knowing that your body was functioning the way it was supposed to?


Yeah, that’s what I thought, it has been a while, right?


Now, here’s the real deal. I’m going to offer you an exclusive “Friends and Family” deal on this one. This Cleanse and Restore Program won’t go live on my website for another month or so but I don’t want you to wait.  


YOU getting to optimal health and wellness is way too important to me to wait until I have a pretty looking webpage for you to look at.


The retail value of JUST the products in this program is $283, so that’s the price you’ll pay. You’ll get the coaching, shopping lists, step-by-step guides, videos and tutorial for FREE for the cost of a 30 day supply of these amazing products that will heal your gut, boost your energy and have you jumping out of bed every morning


Start NOW for $283 (plus tax and shipping + handling)


AND there is a way for you to get this entire program at the wholesale price of $227.


Join DoTerra with me as a Wellness Advocate (formerly Independent Product Consultant) and you’ll get all the products AND the program at the discounted wholesale price of $227. As a Wellness Advocate, there is no commitment to buy monthly product packages but you will be connected to fantastic deals and products that will take you to the next level of living a healthy life looks like. DoTerra has changed my life and these are products that I use everyday.


So, are you ready to feel and look the best you’ve felt in your entire life? 


Great! Click this link and fill out the form and I will personally call you to welcome you to the family and get you started!I’m putting an expiration date on this offer. I’ll be doing the cleanse WITH you starting on April 22, Earth Day! You’ll have until April 15th to sign up at the “Friends and Family” price and get the products at whole sale prices.


Don’t wait on this! Start right now!!!!


Also, I know some of you will want to jump in head first and really revamp your whole health and wellness routine, shed extra weight and go for the ultimate experience. I’ll be launching 2 other programs this spring and if that’s you, The Ultimate Experience type, ask me about these two new programs at the “Friends and Family Price” – Detox and Slim Down Program ($290) and The ULTIMATE Cleanse and Restore Program ($367)


Bonus: When you enroll by the 15th of the month, I will throw in one month of 1:1 personalized transformation coaching (over $329 value) for FREE! Yes, Seriously! 


Click HERE to get started!


- Ashley

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